What We Do



Satisfaction Guaranteed

From Activision to Zenimax, we have much angst to dispense. And you can listen in and enjoy, because this ain't no fake outrage... No way Jose! We get angry because we are passionate gamers whos' expirence span over the generations as a whole. So when game companies get greedy or engage in anti-consumer practices, we put on the boxing gloves to dish out some tough love.


Subverting Expectations

Our common bond is a joy known as tabletop role playing. It's from a somewhat bad joke the podcast was born. Thusly the group often reverts to dishing out some advice for aspiring GMs or players looking to step up their game. Somewhere in between our digressions to off topic land, we do share our collective knowledge from decades of behind the GM screen.

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Committed to calling it like we see it

Uncensored, Unscripted, Unprepared. Sure it's a strange motto for a podcast to have. But the team behind the microphone is dedicated to cutting right through the B.S. We like our listeners, and we prefer to be honest as possible. We rarely censor our podcast, script it, and usually do things off the cuff. Why? Well we don't like censorship, so we rarely (beep) ourselves, and don't seek to (beep) others. Scripting makes for a better show, but it's easy to slip in buttery words which is kinda like lying.