Star Trek Fleet Command In Review

Been awhile since I hammered out words. Been distracted by Ark: Survival Evolved. But anyway I got a burr up my butt for some good old fashioned Sci-fi Fun. With the Farscape movie still a big nothing burger, and the flaming wreck of crap that Star Wars has become, I chose instead to delve back into Star Trek. Not Discovery... but real Star Trek.

A part of me gets all giddy and nostalgic for the classic series which explored personal growth, philosophical meanderings, the quest for understanding, and reaching toward the stars with the grace to know that humanity isn't the end all be all of the galaxy.

This led me to boldly check out Star Trek games on the App store of my phone. After all in the days of old... Trek games captured the idealistic feel of the original series and TNG. And Fleet commander seemed that it may get to that itch... Goddamned wrong.

Let us begin with this slap in the face to a beloved franchise.

The PvEvP environment is well... frankly atrocious. While the developers boast that the game has tons of PvE content, doing anything of merit, such as leaving your base of operations is a rodent run from one spot to another. Furthermore, engaging in PvE content is often interrupted by a PvPer running up and opening fire. So sure go ahead and read all the dialogue of your quest, this distraction will most likely prove fatal. Some PvPers go as far as to indulge in the biggest dick contest by broadsiding anyone and everyone casually as they murder their way across the galaxy... And to add a dash of Irony, there's nothing like getting ganked by a Federation ship while the captain of the vessel openly mocks you.

Let that sink in, then imagine Kirk, Archer, or Pickard acting like a douche murder hobo.

Naturally, the game is grindy as hell. Which only adds to the misery as resource nodes are way less than the number of ships cruising about which only encourages the murderfest even further. Not a good start, as This game is more like Star Trek: Purge edition.

Getting onto grinding... I've seen many mobile games with the grind factor as one of the core elements, and I totally understand it. STFC ranks up there with Raid Shadow Legends and Star Wars Galaxy Crapper. Only somehow, this is worse. I never thought a mobile title by EA could be outclassed on grind factor, But it has, to the point where even the daily quests are upscaled from a daily chore, to an outright burden. Even after two weeks of playtime to get to level 14 (out of 60 levels) I have difficulty completing my daily quests without serious dedicated playtime. And remember the PvP bullshit? Yeah, that adds into it, since all players will have a mine resources quest in their daily quests... and to finish that quest it's kill or be killed while trying to finish your dailies.

Take the grinding, and highly encouraged PvP griefing the game offers, put them together, get them drunk, let them do a few rails of Angel Dust, Then convince them to have a baby together in the back alley... and next comes the coup de grace of this "game".

Stand back and revel in the devilish glory of Scopely. I did not mention the gameplay, for starters, PvPers will make sure you turbo click through the most important reading so you can stay on guard for random attacks. That and quests have a diabolical habit of being over your head. Go here and Kill X bad guy? Nope, he's level 20 and your still level 11. Go there and scan ship for contraband cargo? Not yet, your warp drive isn't powerful enough. Early on this is no real issue. But after level 10, the quests you get seem to habitually over level past you to the point that in order to finish them... it's more grinding, and waiting, then grinding...

But to fast track your way through to the good stuff comes the real kicker. Paywalls, Paywalls everywhere. Reaching back to the daily quests, even now at level 14 to stand a chance of completing my dailies, I have to pay money... real money on virtual goods just to complete the tasks that every other top end mobile game provides in a manageable way.

To get the best, or even good ships... paywalls again. Reading up on the reviews and listening in on chatter in my alliance (REKT REPRESENT!!!) It's not just a fast track to the good stuff, nay, it is downright predatory. I tested this myself, and the goods provided are greatly overvalued, but I tested anyway, and KABAM I spend 5 dollars and suddenly a wall of "great deals" hits me with a higher price tag. I throw 15 more dollars at them to see what would happen, and KABAM... now the prices of these so called great deals go up again while offering less small deals with each purchase.

Not only is this an obvious cash grab but a predatory double down as now the only offers and "deals" available are all over 20 dollars, while the small purchases dry up and vanish into the void. This is a common complaint in the review section of the game as their are people who have fallen for the bait and can now only buy 50 dollar offers.

It is of little wonder that Scopely is under the scrutiny of not only the better business bureau,

And is quickly getting tangled up in a class action lawsuit,

This game and the business itself is veritably everything wrong in mobile games, From predatory marketing practices, (Alleged) false advertising, deceptive marketing, Abusive or not-so-commited customer support. The list goes on... And this last year the player base has been getting more vocal with their growing resentment. Of course you can fire up your Android or Iphone and see for yourself. Or check on this link for the fun of it:

Welp, That's all I'm going to say about this "game". 1/2 out of 5 stars total, as it has pretty graphics and a nice music loop but that's about it.

May you roll a nat 20 when you need it most! ~Game Goblin

P.S. CBS pull your heads out from one anothers anal dark holes and pull the licensing rights from Scopely... Their bad press is your bad press. Discovery is enough of a blight, just sayin.

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