Saints Row 5!?!

If your a fan of the Saints Row series, there was a big HUHWHAAA... When the last entry was declared to be the last installment. And it really felt like completing the game brought us all to a full stop. That and the earth being destroyed by Zinyak only set to punctuate that this was the end. And dayum did the writers go full on crazy with all the jokes and puns.

Sure SR1 was a blatant copycat of Grand Theft Auto. Well mebby not the original GTA for all those old gamers out there who remembered the top down driving game. Still Each iteration of the Saints Row franchise further distanced itself from the predecessor. While the controls were sloppy in SR2 it still stands out as perhaps the best overall in the series. SR3 is where they started to embrace the zany side of storytelling to the chagrin of many diehard fans.

Saints Row 4 is a mixed love/hate bag of steaming monkey vomit. Even so, I did not want the joyride to be over. I like Grand Theft Auto, and I like Saints Row... Each has their merits and flaws and are awesomesauce in their own ways. With that said, let's get into it.

The latest news to come out of the rumor mill seems to finally lend some credibility to the long awaited rumor that SR5 may indeed be on the horizon and may no longer be as subject to speculation as it was a few short months ago.

"According to a financial report released by publisher THQ Nordic, developer Volition is working on an all-new entry in the Saints Row franchise and has been doing so for some time."

"THQ Nordic says they expect to launch a minimum of two AAA games before March of 2021 and strongly hinted that one of those would be a new Saints Row."

"The publisher revealed that Volition was "deep in development" on the franchise's upcoming new entry, a statement that was immediately confirmed via Volition's official Twitter account, with the developer stating that this upcoming game would be "Big, bold, and very badass."

So, it seems from recent news reports Jane Valderama may be giving us a play by play soon? So I did what any foolish little green skinned freak would do.

On August 14th... "We can finally respond to the mountain of posts asking us for a new Saints Row game with a resounding YES!" Is the official word from the Saints Row Twitter feed. Volition followed up with... "Looks like the cabbit is finally out of the bag, with @THQNordic announcing we are deep in development on the next big, bold, and very badass #SaintsRow game!"

I for one can not wait to stop by Freckle Bitches and celebrate!

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