RadCon 2020... Stormin the gates!

Well. Unexpectedly, it's official. The whole damned crew is rollin over to Pasco soon to drink, carouse, make merry and be *GASP* professional multimedia visitors.

I know right?!?

Honestly we still wouldn't be podcasting anything if it wasn't for Blasphemous reminding me back in early season 2 that we are doing a podcast. I kinda forget things from time to time. And JEZIS McFuggin KHRYSTO alot has happened in the last three years. Bethesda has finally taken off their mask. Star Wars is a dumpster fire. Marvel has gone insane, Star Trek is a wreck... The list goes on and on and on. At least we still have the Orville, for now.

It still blows my mind, that I've done almost 750 hours of editing audio poorly. Financed this project with random bouts of working overtime, and even dabbled in video editing some. While I have slacked like a lazy monkey, a lot, on the video side... YouTube has also gone kinda sideways which has made me not want to upload videos.

SpoCon was us dipping our toes into the water with our wee little project. But thinking back over the last few years, I think personally that I can wear the PRO badge and not feel 100% like I'm overstepping some imaginary line in the sand.

Now if only I can get the time when not gaming or working to actually do something with this project since my shoulders carry much of the weight. Yeah, you slackers know who you are. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway RadCon 2020 kicks off our official beginning to Season 4 with a livecast at the convention, which I will edit and publish asafp!

Here's to opening up the first salvo to what I hope is the roaring 20's - take 2.

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