PROJECT: Dipsh!t is almost green to go.

Greetings fellow gamers. Things are spicy as always here behind the scenes at out suburban studio. It is with a heavy tug on my black little heart that Ms. Blunt (No pun intended) our primary go-to gal for art has come down with a case of titty cancer. We spoke recently and the cancer has gone full blown evil. Given how RL aggro has beat the crap out of her with this episode in her life getting to bottom of the barrel. We both agreed that future projects should be put on simmer on the back burner while she focuses on the impending chemo treatment and all that goes with it.

Still the show must go on, even with old friends dealing with the unsavory aspects of life.

So after much cajoling and sleeve tugging the team for PROJECT: Dipsh!t has been fully assembled for our biggest media project as of yet. I expect to spend countless hours strapped to my editing software to unveil what I hope is the most batshit insane and utterly hilarious dungeons and dragons themed web-series.

So I reached out to another artist Iggy-Bomb, who's distinct art style just pops right out at the viewers face and slaps the eyes with a collage of bright peppy colors. Iggy agreed to do some commission work for the website here, which I am stoked as fuck to wiggle into our pages for more eyes to peruse. Should the new artist work out in a manner that is awesomesauce for all involved, aka mutually beneficial. I'll request more works for PROJECT: Dipsh!t which in my less than humble opinion would be perfection to add to the insanity.

What is this project you may ask. A bit of the same, a bit of something new. In short it's planned to be a one season web series available on YouTube and BitChute, made by gamers for gamers... or anyone else that wants to have a good laugh. It's so far, the biggest media project for me to attempt to spearhead and manage. But so far we pulled together a solid team to be at the table, with some folks you may be familiar with, such as The Moniker, Jiggles, and Kazurkan... Along with some new faces to sit in with us here at the Blunt Force Gamers.

So is this an official announcement? Sure. LOL. At the rate the crew moves, we might be able to begin filming by Christmas despite my screaming to burn everyone with fire to get the project moving along. In the interim I look forward to all the faces who have joined in to help me of their own free will to entertain the masses, and I look forward to working with and throwing money at Iggy-Bomb to help give our logos and images a much needed facelift.

Also, we will be storming RadCon again next spring. So any folks from the Pacific North West can expect to find us there inappropriately touching our microphones. It's still highly tenative but we may be able to sneak in and host a few panels on gaming and mebbe do a livecast with perhaps a less than phantom audience next time around.

Thats the most up-to-date news. Drop then nat 20s' like they be hot. ~Game Goblin

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