How the times change our choice in games

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

All of us gamers understand that gaming is our escape, our stimulation away from the world in which we dwell. Our chance to explore ourselves and the worlds presented to us.

So so it comes as little news when we start drifting between genres or games within the genre as our attention wanes. It’s commonly either because those games we played are no longer as stimulating. GLADoS (of Portal and Portal 2 fame) makes commentary about picking up immunity to stimulus when Wheatley is placed in her body and takes over Aperture, and it’s fitting that the great villain of the series is placed into a potato and becomes your companion for a time.

Our interests shift as we become desensitized to the stimuli we are presented with. I noticed this myself that I drifted from Strategy games to first person shooters, to story or role playing games, and now I have been playing a great deal of psychological games with high challenge. I’m seeing that as the rest of the world in which we dwell is falling further into the abyss that these psychological games are also darker in nature, and they seem to speak more loudly in their similarities to the world. Perhaps I have always been in the darkness and am now viewing a world that matches where my mind has been. Perhaps the world has been changed to fit such a mind, or our collective minds.

Just some musings from the mind of Kazurkan, The Lore Dragon. May they spark new thoughts.

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