G.G. Goes Full Carnivore. 30 day challenge.

NOM NOM NOM NOM.... Rawwr! Full #Carnivore!

So on a lark, I decided to start the carnivore diet. After all, every time I eat food I always pick out the meat chunks first and nom that stuff hot fast. I tried going veggie a long time back and... ugh... Anyway lets get down to brass tacks.

Day zero: Sunday, August 25th.

Instead of thinking of this as a restrictive diet, mentally i'm approaching it as a test. Because of some fun reasons and some pre-considered health reasons. Plus, on a personal note, going carnivore makes vegans squeal like angry toddlers.

Day six: Saturday, August 31st.

Weight has shown noticable signs of decreasing. So far the all meat diet...

(If it bleeds, it's food) isn't a miracle diet, which is good. So far the average seems to be around 1/4 lb lost per day. For physical activities, I did not change my day-to-day regime of being active when needed. I put out the same effort in the workplace as I traditionally do, which given my workload still burns energy in masse. Physically I feel fine, actually with each passing day I feel physically more robust. Anticipated weight loss is only beggining to show outward signs, along with more stabilized energy levels at work. Slowly iv'e been gaining ground in being able to keep pace with my workload for longer.

Mentally, just like physically it seems the high protein diet has also lent some benefits to my mindset. While this is ancedotal, My brain seems to be getting it's fill of yummy meat goodness. My mind wanders during the day like many peoples do, but as of late it feels as if my slumbering beast that wants to do things that I normally haven't considered in a long time. Focused aggression levels are up, mental awareness is sharper in the mornings when i'm usually groggy and dragging along. And my inner caveman is telling me to rut like a beast for the first time in ages, thankfully my Ego is keeping the ID in check, But yeah... I do feel more confident now than I did a week ago.

I stole this pic for teh lulz years ago... seems more relevant than I thought.

So what have I been eating?

Primarilly steak. Slow cooked over a low heat. Typically in a skillet with lid to hold in the moisture during cooking. White meat cuts of pork, and chicken are also a part of my daily routine. Though pork mixed with scrambled eggs has been the typical breakfast food combo.

All other meats are on the table, but are not part of my daily staple. This includes eggs, and the occasional hard cheeses such as parmesan. But not soft and fatty cheeses like cheddar.

Salmon is yummy stuff and good for them Omega-3s, and tuna are my go-to fishy meats. Beyond that not much else is included into my day to day eating.

Toppings can be contentious to the all meat diet plan. But this is my diet, so I've made a few alterations to help keep the flavors of my meals on a carousel, so garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper, red pepper, lemon salt, and other low calorie/low carb toppings are added to my list of flavors, as well as certain steak sauces to help change up the pace as far as flavors hitting my mouth with bloody yums.

The main factors getting added to my flavor roster all have the same qualities, in essence they are low in salt, minimal in carbs, and zero for sugar.

Speaking of sugar. That is the one thing that is right out. It is overused in too many foods as is, especially processed sugars in everything from bread to ketchup. So far the only sugars in my diet come from my selection of drinks. Namely all natural fruits from non-concentrate. Lemonade, cranberry, and apple juice have been my go-to for fruity sweetness. While many would be like OOOOOH BAD!!! It is still a vastly superior drink to switch to in place of carbonated soda. And as I understand, natural unprocessed sugars from fruit are better for the body. I only drink 2 to 3 glasses per day to stay hydrated, and that amount is paltry by the sugar index to be anywhere near as bad as 3 cans of bubbly soda.

And yes, I cheat. Friday is my cheat day. For dinner I don't restrict my dinner choices. Although I still don't find an all meat diet to be restrictive at all for myself. For cheating however I don't binge on garbage, actually I haven't felt the need to, so there is that. Last Friday was a Gyros with a side of fries for dinner. As usual I ordered it like I normally do. Lamb smothered in Tzatziki sauce, with a side of fries, and a pepsi.

Day 1, I weighed in at an average on the scales at 193lbs, today my average has been 185, which I expect will slow down in coming weeks. I feel more aware and more energetic after only 6 days, not extremely so, but better feeling overall. The uneasy feeling of bubbleguts and flatulence has massively subsided to becoming almost a surprise when I slip a squeeker... there is that too.

Be back on this topic in awhile to keep readers up to date. ~G.G.

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