Back home from SpoCon

Oh Me Gee! What an unexpected journey. I really would first like to thank Deborah for giving us a huge boost into getting into the door and being not just spectators but participants. And true to self, I managed to ruffle a few feathers just by being lil ol me... but I managed not to get pulled aside for a stern lecture... Amazing. But if the convention filled with a vast array of different folks should be at times thought provoking, then there was success.

A quick breakdown. Our first convention podcast was for a phantom audience. Not one person showed up. But really, it was still awesome to do a live recording where at any time someone could walk in and join in. Nobody starts at the top, we at B.F.G. are no exception. But even so, this was a start... and in it's own way shows that we have come a long way from the old days of podcasting. Baby steps.

Despite our first steps being akin to stumbling blindly. The rest of the convention was a blast. I went in with no expectations, since this con is outside our normal range. And I seem to think the total attendance there was 150ish, perhaps 200 attendees. And most of the convention panels closed early in comparison to conventions on the west side of the state.

So with a lack of game designers, publishers, and artists... whats a Game Goblin to do?

NETWORK LIKE A BOSS!!! A shout out certainly goes to Benny, who is a young lady who puts her artistic vision to printed word. I was worried to be on a panel with her at first, but her calm demeanor and open mind to ideas were quite disarming. And her willingness as a writer to indulge in topics outside her comfort zone will most certainly translate well to future writings. Deborah, I can't thank her enough for helping me and the team get into SpoCon, I also thank her for not calling in convention security during my anti-political correctness rants. I also thank the con chairman for catching our dialogue with G.P.S. and laughing hard enough at our verbal exchange to link us to FaceBook. Hugh Moungus (Referring to the Mad Max films) Gave us permission to spread the most epic gaming related story ever... I have much much work to do in an attempt to do it the awesomesauce it deserves. And the Grown Folks Kids show... I have not the words to describe the pure fire of these guys. I heard there was another podcast crew... and HOOOBOY... I met them and turned to the BFG crew and while wagging a finger... told them this is the level of entertainment we should strive for.

On a personal note. I owe Mr. Bruskas an apology. Those that listen to our podcast would have heard last Febuary I was mean mugging a panelist. Grumpy face. Me and Mr. Bruskas go back 25 years... And things got... weird between us. After an untimely death, he became distant from us all in our circle, I stood by this knowing he needed some space. Time went by and the next time I stumbled across a man I considered a brother, he was cold, irritable, and distant. Although a decade had passed, I felt the brother I had would never return. SpoCon was strange as he happened to be there... And the man I knew was there and as I reached out my hand with reserved trepidation, he pulled me in for the "brohug". Both written on his face and etched in his voice was that young man I knew from years and years ago.

So. Sorry bro for talking smack behind your back and glaring at you like you were just some stranger deserving of utter contempt. It's awesome to know a bit of why you were the way you were acting standoffish. With my apology... I owe you a beer.

P.S. Mr. Bruskas, I better still be the 5 time Wraith Raider champion! Rawwr!

Finally. Despite my rough nature due to years of trauma at the hands of humans, I did indeed cross paths with Elli, the guest of honor. While we did not directly share words, as the convo was mostly me and her wife. I think I saw something few others get a chance to. Sure it is no secret I have some issue with Elli about a donation drive many years past, my eyes were drawn to her face as she approached a piece of art I had purchased from a gentleman. How rare it is to see a twinkle of childlike facination from a grown adult from something as simple as a piece of art. She reached out to point as the things she liked on the image softly voicing at the parts of it she liked. There was no hint of anything beyond wonder as her fingertips painted a shade of pink in the hue of spring flower petals waggled about somewhat aimlessly. For a brief second I saw the person behind the ink... a curious and creative soul.

The only shame is that I could not sit with her, if she could tolerate a foul mouthed creature, and share words about life and art. I have a feeling in my gut that among the masses there is much more to this person than just the mere labels that come with a first glance.

That is all, Audio and video coming up this week. G.G.

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