Back from RadCon 8...

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Still trying to stay awake. But by the gods I muscled through it! After meeting, greeting, and drinking with a wide range of awesome people from self-published authors to Hollywood VFX artists... I made it. And I have a metric ass ton of work to get to on top of my dailies in gaming stuffins.

Overall the experience as a visiting professional in both gaming and multimedia was FREAKING FANTASTIC! I got quite a few compliments from other pros and guests about how well I came out like a fireball and got the crowd involved as well as dispensed some sage advice here and there. Even Hugh S. Gregory who is a hard man to impress gave me a pat on the back, and coming from him it means alot to me.

After a horrible weekend a couple weeks ago it is just what I needed to unwind a bit. And I was so busy I barely had much time to myself save for a few lulls here and there. I will of course blog soon about some of the highlights that I can speak of, because some of it I can not, due to professional courtesy among some of the chats I had the pleasure to partake in.

Coming soon is some stuff about a most delightful lady who is currently working on her third book, which involved multiversal shenanigans and adventure, A few Star Wars things I can get away with saying. And bit about Star Trek... And ever wanted to be a fire dancer? I'll also blog about a chat I had with the head of Ignition, a fire dancing troupe!

Buckle up. Coming soon is some post-convention blogs before I delve back into the world of entertainment and gaming. ~Game Goblin

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